Moving forward on our shared agenda to tackle Somali piracy - industry conclusions

The UK Chamber welcomed the Prime Minister’s focus on the humanitarian crisis in Somalia at the international conference that took place in London yesterday.

The meeting fully recognised our industry’s long-held view that the piracy problem that threatens seafarers and world trade can only be resolved with committed work with Somalia to build its capacity and reintroduce law and order.

A notable contribution is to be made to capacity building with the announcement by Shell, BP, Maersk and the Japanese shipping industry to donate some $500,000 each to this cause over the next two years. Full details available in the media release.

The UK shipping industry was fully consulted and joined together to submit a shared agenda to tackle piracy following a meeting at the International Maritime Organization in London this week. 

To read the speech Henry Bellingham MP made at the industry focused piracy satellite event for the London conference on Somalia, please click here.