Shipping Minister announces UK light dues to be frozen for this year


Shipping Minister Mike Penning today announced that Light Dues would be maintained at current levels for the next year. The UK Chamber is disappointed that these are being kept at such a high level for the coming year despite the very positive rationalisation which has taken place across the GLAs and the savings which have been made no reduction has been given.

A press release from Michael Everard, Chairman of the Lights Advisory Committee (LAC) stated: “We know trading conditions are difficult at the moment however we believe that Light Dues income has increased in the last year. The combination of this improved income and the savings made in GLA expenditure should have allowed an actual reduction in the light dues levels, which would have provided some relief to operators and encouraged UK port calls.”

Both the UK Chamber and the LAC acknowledge Mike Penning has achieved good progress on the detail around the ending of the Irish subsidy and we are committed to working with him and the Joint Strategic Board to resolve these items. Today’s decision reflects a cautious approach and we believe the opportunity to reduce the rate could and should have been made this year. We will press for a substantial reduction next year.

The Minister’s statement can be read in full by clicking here